I open a book that wasn't mine,

The story was fascinating

I hope there was no ending

I cried because of too much feels

Wishing that someday it was me.

That night

I remember, that night

You told me my eyes were blue and to look at you,

That night, I know I saw the cliff and yeah it was you

I am afraid to jump, and get hurt.

But that night, I was at the verge of jumping

Until I saw you smile, and found I’m falling

Falling but no one noticed 

Even you..

That night I fall but no one catch me.

Now, I’m falling to pieces

Hoping that night, will be one day

That one day,


You’ll back,

Where you will pick me and fix me.

I saw you from the far,

You were smiling but that night,

I’m not falling I’m hurting.

It’s been years but until now I’m waiting

Waiting and hoping,

For that night become One day.


All the time my only

Question is “How?”

I’m holding a rope


That you’re holding the

Other side,

Days passed, my hands

Were sweating and

My heart

Slowly breaking


How can I let go of that rope?

Where from the start that rope

Wasn't mine.

Last glance

I look at her eyes,

She tried to hide the pain

 Little did she know her eyes speak it all.

 She held her breath and look up,

 So that her tears will not come out

 “Please don’t cry” The only thing

 That I want to say, but I can’t.

“I love you” I said,
She smiled and replied,
“Rest I know you’re tired.”

 I look at her face for the last time,

 As I closed my eyes

 Flashback starts, and
Tears come out.


Everybody was a gift and,

Society says "a gift must be in a box"

a box where it should be beautiful

and colorful.

She was once outside the box ,

but then She try to fit in.

She stepped on the box, but

She can't. Because she was fat

so she cut her fats and stepped on the box.

Someone says "you're skin is dark nobody 

wants a dark nor black gift."

So, she peeled her skin

She was about to stepped inside but someone interrupts,

"You're so small no one loves a small gift."

And then, She cut herself into pieces

So, no one will noticed if she's small or tall

tears and blood

every piece of her was hurting.

Finally, I was inside the box

where it's hot and dark.

Tell me, Am I a gift now?


I watched you while you're sleeping

you're endlessly fascinating,

I remember while we're walking

you tell me to stop talking

your words is like needle

sting like beetle

That time I know it's a goodbye

but now you're here

sleeping like a lake

We will be forever

don't worry you will not wake.