I want to…. nevermind


Do you ever feel the feeling when you want to do something but you can’t because you are afraid? afraid of the judgement that people will give to you or let’s say criticism If yes, you’re not alone.

I also feel the same way, Many said that  I have this kind of strong personality “ang liit-liit mo ang tapang-tapang mo.” “kababaeng tao parang lalaki ugali.” etc. Those are some words that I received to every people I’d encounter. But they don’t know all the things that they said to me was not true.

Before I do something I think of it three (3) times because I am afraid to commit mistakes I am afraid to be judge by everybody. I always think the worst thing so I will not get hurt If it’s happened.

No, being a negative thinker or a pessimist was not easy and never be easy.


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